Need help getting started with Pro Tools mixing templates? I have the simplest, most efficient mixing templates available for beginners seasoned professionals!  

My brand new 2021 MIXING TEMPLATE is finally available for you to download and start producing amazing sounding records! 

This new mixing template style incorporates an analog console mixing workflow inside a 100% digital setup. It offers already calibrated parallel processing as well as a unique routing system, that keeps everything nice and organized.

With this download you will receive the 2021 Mixing Template and a PDF guide that explains how to import your new template, and a diagram explaining how all the routing is set up. Don't forget to follow along with my YouTube video that shows you step by step how it all works together with your ready to mix audio tracks!

And now, my brand new STANDARD MIXING TEMPLATE with the same analog workflow but with a more "Standard" grouping system. PLUS an amazing effects system built in! You can watch the video and download now!