Music Recording

Reach your full mixing potential, produce chart topping sound

Mixing courses help us understand how a mix engineer thinks. They guide us in not just learning how to mix, but why certain processing decisions are made.

At some point more knowledge isn't enough...

Are you consuming more than producing? Have you not seen any improvement in your mixes? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the gear, plugins, and YouTube videos out there? Which way is the best way to get professional sounding mixes? It shouldn't be this hard!

I can relate. I used to feel the same way. I felt like I was constantly searching for the right tips and tricks to produce pro sounding mixes. There's SO many people out there telling me the "right way to mix". It became exhausting and costly. 

Meanwhile, I started to realize that it didn't matter what content I was consuming, I was just consuming more than I was actually doing. It is easy to start watching the thousands of mixing videos instead of mixing! 


I stopped over consuming and designed a mixing template that included all of my favorite techniques and plugins. I made sure I didn't over complicate and saturate the template with too many plugins that I know I don't use or need. 

I wanted something that I knew I could use on any style or genre of music. That's exactly what I came up with. A mixing template that is guaranteed to elevate my mixes quickly to a professional quality with minimal processing. 


Now, you can watch how I mix with my premium mixing template! 

Music Recording


What's included:


  • 4 hours of video showing you how I mixed the song, "Don't Give Me Away" from start to finish.

  • All of the multitracks are included so that you can mix the song yourself.

  • My 2022 Mixing Template with instructional pdf. for routing.

Watch Preview Video!