3 Techniques With SonicScoop!

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by KIT Plugins if I would be interested in talking to well-known audio publication, SonicScoop, to discuss KIT’s widely popular Blackbird N105 Channel Strip plugin. I absolutely would be interested!

I go over 3 techniques and plus a BONUS TIP on how I like to use the BB N105 channel strip. The BB N105 Channel

Strip EQ is one of the best EQ plugins on the market today and can really add life to your mixes! Channel strip plugins are your mixing “X” factor – learn “3 Techniques” on the KIT Plugins Blackbird N105 V2 Channel Strip from Nashville’s Emily Bowie:

Read article here!

Learn some of my most used mixing techniques with the BB N105 and hear the latest song I used these exact techniques on! https://open.spotify.com/track/72ASBLkZWeV0h2f7yBPDHd Your music has value!

- Emily

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