Create Massive Drum Room sound using this Trigger 2 technique!

In this video I'll show you how to create a large drum room sound, even if you recorded your drums in a small home studio OR if you're just using samples!

If you are producing music in your home studio, sometimes limitations can bring us

down when trying to put together a certain sound. Many times that limitation is on the drums. If we want a big drum sound, many times we will add effects like reverb to them. But, reverb can make drums sound washy and artificial. That's why I like to use Trigger to add a true room sound to my already existing drums. Trigger comes with amazing room mics that can be easily blended with your recorded drums or samples to produce a massive presence. This same technique can be applied when you want a subtle room sound as well. Just blend in accordingly. I've added a room mic in Trigger when mixing a jazz song and it made the drums sound even more intimate. Create authentic drum room sound instead of coating it with reverb. Sometimes a little reverb will help add depth and space to an instrument or vocal. Finding the right type of reverb on drums can be difficult because that effect is digitally driven. Meaning, it is made to be artificial. Sometimes there are plugins like UAD's Capital Chambers that creates an emulation of a chamber reverb that is produced by actual chambers. But, most reverb plugins are just that, artificial. Trigger 2 is emulating mic placements on real drums. Adding that real room sound and blending it in with a snare drum produces great authentic drums, all from your home studio! Watch the video to learn this technique step by step! WATCH VIDEO! Your music has value! - Emily

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