NEVE 1073 EQ

Updated: Oct 26

My Favorite EQ to use on Drums!

My Favorite Drum EQ

Universal Audio NEVE 1073 EQ

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My favorite drum EQ is the NEVE 1073 EQ from Universal Audio. Here’s how I like to use it:

I will usually bus all the drums (Kick, Snare, Mono OH if applicable) and insert the 1073 on the Drum Bus. If the gain is too much on the Bus, I will pull back the input level on the 1073.

The first thing I start with is the low end. A good starting point for me is 60Hz. Using the Bypass, I can hear what the EQ is doing, not only to the Kick, but the lower register of the Snare as well.

If this is a good sound overall with the Kick and Snare, I will move the EQ over to 110Hz to see if it continues to add anything beneficial to the Drums.

Once the Kick and Snare have a presentable body, I will listen to see if any of the top end still cuts through. If not, I will set the EQ at 3.2k on the mid band. This will usually hit the spot I’m looking for. Sometimes 1.2k will work, but that mostly brings up the sound underneath the Snare.

Now, this is for a well recorded drum kit, with minimal mics. And that’s a sound I prefer in drums. I like them to sound centered and focussed instead of wide and washy. Of course this technique tends to expand depending on the style of music. But in any genre, I think at least panning at 50% is the best drum sound and this EQ works extremely well to enhance the overall presence.

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