• Emily Bowie

Garth Brooks Will Never Be CMA’s Entertainer of The Year Again.

Garth Announces He is Removing Himself from Ever Being Nominated for CMA’s Entertainer of the Year Award.

What a shame. That is what I keep saying about this announcement. I thought I would see a lot more comments that were similar to mine, but I was wrong. I see so many people posting, “good!”, “It’s about time!”, “Eric Church!”. And I should have known better. Most Garth fans are more low-key and not your typical “Stan”, like Eric Church, Carrie Underwood, and Miranda Lambert have. Over the last year or two, this type of mentality from their fans has been very off putting to me and as a result, I find myself not liking their music like I once did. And I hate that.

But this is it and I have to deal with that. I will always be a fan of Garth and his music and all the other ventures he is associated with. He is also criticized for not having his music on every streaming platform. I have always understood his stance on not streaming his music on every platform, because he has addressed that this is about songwriter and copyright owner’s rights. Still, there are those who want to call him stupid for that, and that’s ok. They don’t have a clue about music business and it shows. He is now on Amazon Unlimited, which streams all of his music. Actually, not true. Can we please get that Chris Gaines album up there? I truly feel sorry for you if you’ve never heard it. It is a brilliant album and concept that was just a bit ahead of its time.

Garth has always done things his way and it’s probably the reason for his unmatched success. No one in country music comes close to what he has accomplished. And really no one in any other genre with the exception of Michael Jackson, The Beatles, and Elvis.

I do not agree with his reason for making this decision, at all. It was shortly after he had won his 7th award for Entertainer of the Year that he asked the CMA board members if he could not be nominated for the next one. They told him that they could not make that happen. So instead, Garth took himself out of the category. He stated in a news conference on the morning of July 29, 2020 that he had been concerned over tweets of those who felt like they couldn’t win if he was nominated. Yes, tweets from other artists. This is what it’s come to.

Some artists believe that they, themselves should have won the award over Garth and went to social media and even concerts to express that opinion. Garth was asked about these other artists and their comments and his reply was that his own fans would probably have been disappointed if he had lost too. Damn right we would have been. Garth Brooks isn’t an artist that just follows the mold of “put out an album every 2-3 years, tour it, take time off, repeat.” He has a weekly live show on Facebook, has several books out and more to be released, vinyl sets being made, documentaries, prestigious Gershwin Prize award, a sold-out stadium tour, AND a dive bar tour. All at the same time. Not to mention constant recording. Yes, we still wait on that new “Fun” album. But when I look at what these other artists are doing, nothing comes close to matching all these things. Even in these times of no tours, where is Eric Church? Where are Miranda and Carrie? Not even a live stream of performing songs for your extremely loyal fan club.

So how am I supposed to take this? My favorite artist has never stopped entertaining at the highest level. He continues to put out new and live content year-round. And now I will never see him win an award that he deserves? He moved out of the way for these artists I have mentioned but I doubt you’re going to hear anything respectful about it from them. Probably not even a word. What you will see is a huge bump in their promotion team to try and edge each other out to gain ground in that coveted Entertainer of the Year spot. Maybe that will be entertaining enough to help with not having the true entertainer win in 2020.


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