Have you ever wondered why you can’t find your own music releases on Amazon Music Unlimited? That’s because your digital distributor doesn’t license with them. Amazon Music Unlimited is quickly becoming a top music streaming platform (it is my go-to for digital streaming) so you really want to make sure your music can be found on this platform.

Now, some digital distributors will offer more licenses, including Amazon Music Unlimited through a paid service upgrade. They will take a percentage of your royalties for this service. But this is unnecessary because you can set all of this up yourself for free and keep all of your royalties.

All you need to do is create an account with Music Reports at Here’s how you set that up.

  1. Create a free account. Fill out all the necessary information.

  2. Click on My Catalog and download the Spreadsheet Template.

  3. Fill out the template and save file.

  4. Click on Choose File select the filed out file of all the songs you want in your catalog.

  5. Click Upload.

It may take a few days for the file to be approved and uploaded into your catalog. In the meantime, you can search through the License Offers tab and sign up any of those that are offered. This is where you will find the license for Amazon Music Unlimited and for social media apps like Snap Chat. Read through the contracts and agree to terms if you want your music shared on these platforms.

Once your songs are approved and included in your catalog, you can then match these songs to your publishing. There is a video tutorial included that will show you how to do this by clicking on the Claiming tab.

You will be notified from time to time through email when new licenses come available. You can review these and if you want to have your music included on these, you will go through the same processes of signing for approval.

And that is it, Y’all. Enjoy!

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