Available for the first time EVER, Universal Audio native plugins for EVERYONE!

I know a ton of you have been asking for mixing templates that don’t have any Universal Audio plugins. I get it. You have to own their hardware to use their plugins.

Or maybe you do own an UA interface but find that most of the plugins are out of your budget.

I use UAD plugins because I believe they are the best. They are some of the highest quality plugins on the market. I rely on them to help elevate my mixes to a competitive commercial level, and they produce excellent results every time. I wish everyone could use them. You deserve to use them.


Universal Audio has released several of their award winning plugins, natively with the new subscription bundle, Spark.

What this means is, you do not have to own any of their hardware to use these plugins. You too will now have access to these amazing analog style plugins that have produced thousands of hits!

You don’t even have to pay full price to use them. UA’s Spark bundle is a monthly or yearly subscription that you can cancel anytime. Plus they are letting you try Spark out for 14 days for free!

This will give you two weeks of trying out the UAD plugins with my mixing templates. It’s a win, win!

I created these templates so that you can produce better sounding mixes in half the time with real professional sounding results.

Thousands of templates downloaded already and now the many of you who weren’t able to use the plugins that are included on the template, can now use them and mix at the highest level.

Just click this link to download the template of your DAW and start making the music you deserve to make!


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