What if you could produce professional sounding mixes that can compete with today's chart topping hits, all from the comfort of your home studio, just by using a template?

Discover the professional way of mixing and mastering by using analog techniques that have all been adapted to work completely inside your DAW.

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See what results my clients are getting...


I always believed I was destined to make music.

Whether that was recording it, mixing it, or mastering it, I knew I had to be a part of the process that makes music the way we hear it on our radio today. 

I thought by going to college and obtaining a music production degree I would be guaranteed a spot in the music industry. I even had a teacher tell me I would have the opportunity to land an internship with a Nashville recording studio, because they knew, "so many people there and plenty of connections."

That all turned out to be false and extremely disappointing. 

Right then and there, I decided it was up to me to create my own path in music. I never wanted to hear of what happened to me, happen to someone else. I made my own connections and built a network with others who were in similar situations. I worked any audio job I could find while soaking up knowledge and experience in local studios and in my own home studio, recording local artists. Experience and experimentation is KEY.

Now, I develop products such as templates to provide those wanting to learn and understand how to produce the same level of music that you find on top playlists and charts today. 


Logic Pro Template



LUNA Template



Pro Tools Template



Pro Tools Template



Studio One Template



Notion Template



These Premium Templates will help you create the sound you want:

Solid Gain Staging

Your audio will come through at proper levels to insure the plugins perform at optimal levels .

Parallel Processing

Working with Pre-Calibrated Parallel processing tracks allows you to mix like the pros and produce killer results.

PRO Sounding Vocals

 3 parallel processing tracks that produce amazing sounding vocals EVERYTIME, no matter the style or genre.

A Mix Bus You Can Trust

 Know that you can expect to elevate your mixes every time when you use these templates.



Each template comes with its own unique routing system. This routing system is based off of compilation award winning engineers and producers, that I have adapted to work completely inside your DAW.

What's included:

  • Special drum routing to specific parallel compression tracks​

  • How to rout lead vocals to the 3 unique processing tracks

  • How to route all instruments to their designed buses and groups

  • When to route with multiple outputs and sends


P.S. I'm so glad you decided to download and start working with the best template I've ever designed. I never start a mix without it. No matter which DAW you use, this template will always produce great quality sound. Just by merging your audio tracks with this template design, you are already more than halfway to a finished mix. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about these premium templates.

- Emily