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Emily Bowie is a Tennessee Music Awards nominated Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer based in Nashville,TN.


 "I was born and raised in a town called Jackson, smack dab in the middle of "Music Highway" between Memphis (Birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll) and Nashville (Music City, USA). I realized I wanted to work in music the first time I ever heard the slap-back echo of early Elvis Presley recordings made by Sam Phillips at Sun Studio. They really sounded like magic to me as a young kid, and still do. After that, my mind became a sponge to anything music related, especially the creation of songs and sonics. Later on, I earned a music production degree from the University Of Memphis and began recording and mixing music on my own."


"My main focus is to bring the added value that you are looking for to take your music to the next level".  

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Grammy Award Winning Artist, Alison Krauss with Recording/Mix Engineer, Emily Bowie.

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MUSIC CREATIVES, turn your digital home recordings into an authentic, radio ready sounding record!

Emily Bowie is passionate about record making and known for producing that authentic sound we all love.





The amount of EDITING will depend on the quality of the performance you have recorded. This can include, Tuning and Time Alignment,  Pitch Correction, and other detail editing. 

MIXING is arguably the most elusive part of the music production process. Mixing is not about tricks and effects. It is important to have a Mix Engineer who understands how we perceive sound and how to enhance that essence for an optimal listening experience. MASTERING 

services also available.

Sometimes songs need guidance. AUDIO CONSULTING can help an artist reach their full creative potential. Consulting services include Mix Critiques, Templates, Courses, and individualized coaching.

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Ready to have your songs professionally MIXED & MASTERED? 

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Please provide specific details about the song(s) you would like mixed and/or mastered. Such as an overview of what you want your music to sound like, total number of songs you need mixed, total number of audio tracks per song, etc. Please include any other important information specific to your project.

Sound like a Record!