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Make Money

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Learn how to make a living from your music passion. Learn key processes for generating a musical based income and turn it into a career!

Recording, Mixing & Mastering

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Wondering how to get amazing sounding vocals, drums, and guitars? Learn how to record, mix, and master your songs in incredible quality right from your home studio. 

Music Business 101

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Want a more in-depth look inside the music business? Learn how to properly publish and register your music. Make sure you are getting paid!

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Steven Slate Audio

Steven Slate Audio affiliate and content creator for Trigger 2 and Steven Slate Drums.

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KIT Plugins

KIT Plugin content provider. Check out the tutorial videos I've made specifically for KIT Plugins, BB N105, CORE Comp, and CORE EQ.

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Produce Like a Pro

I've been a long standing member of Produce Like a Pro and advocate for the academy. Check out my testimonial here.

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