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Hey friend – I’m Emily Bowie, a mix engineer and entrepreneur from Nashville, Tennessee. Thanks for stopping by!

You might have seen me on my YouTube channel or on other audio companies sites such as KIT Plugins, SonicScoop, Produce Like a Pro, or with affiliates, DistroKid and Slate Audio.

But I'm also a home studio educator and recent online coach for my brand new course, The Modern Mix - VOCALS


I started creating music focused content to guide others on their musical journey and to help them build a career in music.

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • Do I have to own expensive gear to produce great sounding mixes?

  • How can I get my mixes to sound like the music I hear on the radio?

  • Can I mix and master music on headphones?

  • How can I make money in the music industry?


If so, you are in the right place! Whether you've been doing this a while or just starting to venture into the mixing world, you want to be able to produce great sounding mixes without having to break the bank. Spending money on the latest mixing product does not buy you the quality you are seeking. Time, guidance, and experience is what's going to get you there. Good thing you're here, let's get started!


Here’s How I Can Help You Make Better Sounding Music… Right Now!


Now is the best time to start creating music.

Home studios are extremely popular and many of the hits today are being produced in them. Commercial studios are just not needed as much these days with the advancement in technology of recording equipment and computer software. You now have everything you need to record and produce professional sounding music in your home at an affordable price. 

This has offered many music creatives new outlets to produce their music and share it with the world.

But are you able to take these tools and get the results you want?

By now, you got the all gear you need to produce amazing recordings, you just need a little guidance and push in the right direction. It can be overwhelming at times when trying to educate yourself on certain parts of the music production process with all the thousands of tutorials, blogs, and reviews online. Instead of having to figure out where to start...


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There Are No More Excuses


Home recording and mixing is a life-long passion that I made a career out of.

I want to share my knowledge with you so that you can turn your passion for music into a career as well.


Because you are talented and that talent deserves to be shared wit the world.

You already have everything you need to produce amazing sounding tracks. You just need a little guidance.

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