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What if you could MIX VOCALS that sound radio ready every time no matter what genre they are?

Discover the step-by-step system that takes even home studio recorded vocals to literally what you hear on the radio today, basically on auto-pilot.

Introducing The Modern Mix - VOCALS Course

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Don't mix like a YouTuber. Mix like a MIX ENGINEER!

You’ve tried every vocal mixing trick that YouTube has to offer. You’ve started and stopped memberships, perhaps joined a mixing course or two, and possibly enrolled in higher education to improve your mixing skills.

But, the truth is, you just can’t seem to get the same results as you hear on the radio today. Perhaps you even feel like giving up on the idea of mixing at all. You feel like no matter what you try, your vocals just don’t compare to the professional sound you’re aiming for.

You could continue to spend more money on more plugins endorsed by more youtubers. But that amount of money can add up quickly with a negative return. 

Let’s say you spend $200 a month trying to improve your mixing skills. That’s $2,400 a year with no real improvement on your overall mixing skills and techniques. And the amount you spend usually tends to increase overtime until the goal of improving your mixing skills is met. 

To give you an idea of what this goal looks like...

I haven’t purchased more than 1 plugin a year in 3 years. The necessity isn’t more tools, it’s learning how to use them in a proven system. Then, you can earn money from your mixing skills instead of spending it. 


The same vocal mixing process used for Chris Stapleton and Taylor Swift

I personally know the struggles of putting time and money into mix education. I paid the ultimate price of going to college for a degree in mix engineering. And I know the disappointment you feel when you find out something is not what you expected, and I know the gut wrenching feeling when you’ve spent a lot of money on that disappointment with no positive outcome.

I was desperate to find a solution, so I decided to take the analog mixing process that was being done in commercial studios by Grammy award winning mix engineers and adapt that workflow to work completely inside of a DAW.

As a result, this system that I now call The Modern Mix template system, allowed me to mix professional sounding mixes that got the attention of more and more artist-client records.

This opened the door to so many opportunities.

Since creating this mixing template system, I have received sync placement opportunities, endorsements, affiliations, and features in audio publications. I was even nominated for a Tennessee Music Award. All because my mixes sounded like the songs that get played on the radio today. More importantly, I’m able to make a living doing what I always wanted to do.

But, who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hello, I'm Emily

I'm an award nominated Mix Engineer and I teach others how to become one too through my template mixing system, The Modern Mix

But don't take my word for it, take theirs...

Renzo A.

your concepts are amazing and make complete sense! I just sit back and listen to your videos and get so much insight and inspiration that is almost impossible not to open up a music project afterwards. Thank you so much.”

Bobby V.

"This template is great. Well worth the money. If you're new to routing. This will be a great tool to help you learn. It's straight forward. Load it up and start poking around. Thank you, Emily. GREAT JOB "


Nils V.

“I’m learning everyday from the new Logic template.

My vocals are starting to sound so much better now, thanks to the parallel compressor and busses with effects.”

Tony R.

“Wonderful information, using your Pro Tools template with my Mixbus 32c DAW.  Really enjoy your methods”


Josh R.

"Using your Luna template made all the difference for me.”


Romel H.

"I purchased your LUNA template and it's making my mixes sound so much better!!"


Pulling back the curtain on PRO Vocal Mixing


Once I knew I had designed a proven system for mixing amazing sounding music, I wanted to share it with everyone who wanted the same amazing results I was getting. Not only has it worked for me, but for both beginners and professionals!

That's why I’m offering The Modern Mix - VOCALS course for sale today.

This is a specific area of mixing that most people struggle with and I want to take you from where you are now to where you want to be… mixing professional sounding vocals no matter what genre of music you’re working with, basically on autopilot! 

I've strategically designed 11 modules that each contain vocal mixing exercises and skill building techniques, all through a transformational learning experience that will help you mix vocals the way you hear them on major label releases.  

You're at the point of decision...

You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you’ve already been traveling on OR you can choose the road less traveled. The path you’ve been traveling on will probably result in you getting the same outcomes you’ve always received.

BUT if you want something to happen, if you want to change the direction of your musical journey, you’re going to have to do something different.

Make a new choice and pursue your new outcome!

Anyone can learn to mix professional sounding vocals using The Modern Mix - VOCALS mixing course. I've shown you the proof that it works for me, for others, and it will work for you too!

Click the blue button below, fill out out the order form, and I will immediately send the entire course plus all the bonuses to you. It will contain everything you need to get started.

Download The Modern Mix - VOCALS Here!

The Modern Mix - VOCALS will help you learn:


  • The 4 principal vocal mixing components
  • How to use less plugins to achieve radio ready vocals
  • How to mix vocals for any style or genre of music
  • Understand how to properly EQ lead vocals
  • The importance of parallel processing
  • How to properly compress lead vocals
  • Set up a vocal track before any processing
  • Understand parallel compression for lead vocals
  • How to pan background vocals for optimal movement
  • How to find the perfect balance for background vocals
  • Calibrate your parallel buses for optimal results
  • Common EQ points for both male and female vocals
  • How to push lead vocals through a mix
  • Volume automation for lead vocals
  • The importance of effects and how to use them

Also - if you sign up for The Modern Mix - VOCALS today you’ll receive some EXCLUSIVE BONUSES:

Bonus 1- Mixing Background Vocals

($100 value)

A lot of times people will overlook background vocals either because they think they aren’t important or because they don’t know how to properly mix them.

In this course I will share with you:

  • How to pan each background vocal and why
  • Where to set each background vocal fader level and why
  • The best compression settings for background vocals

Bonus 2 - FX + Volume Automation

($100 value)

Even if you have a solid vocal mix, you can ruin it by not using the right vocal effects.

  • Learn the importance of sending even vocals to an instrument chamber
  • What slap delay to add to every lead vocal
  • How to volume automate your lead vocals

Bonus 3 - How to calibrate parallel buses

($77 value)

I’ve coached a lot of mixing sessions and this is the golden nugget everyone wants to know!

  • Learn why calibrating your parallel buses is so important 
  • Watch how to calibrate your parallel buses step-by-step
  • What plugins are used to calibrate parallel buses (you already have them)

The Modern Mix - VOCALS



  • How to setup vocals for mixing
  • The 4 vocal mixing components
  • Mixing 4 different genres
  • Learn how to calibrate parallel buses
  • 4 FREE sets of multitracks
  • 3 EXCLUSIVE BONUS videos

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Discover the turn key system that takes even home studio recorded vocals to literally what you hear on the radio today, basically on auto-pilot. 

Imagine a year from today...

I'm so proud of you for making this decision to buy The Modern Mix - VOCALS mixing course, and I'm so excited about the difference it's going to make in your life. I can't wait to hear your success story, and I do hope you'll share it with me.

Imagine a year from today when you have a steady clientele to mix for because you’re able to provide so much more value to their music.

Or even imagine being able to mix your own vocals to produce award winning records!

That’s the power of this system and what I teach inside The Modern Mix - VOCALS!

You can do this - I’m proof that it’s possible and I’m here to coach you every step of the way!


Your Virtual Mixing Coach,

Emily Bowie

The choice is yours...

The Modern Mix - VOCALS



  • How to setup vocals for mixing
  • The 4 vocal mixing components
  • Mixing 4 different genres
  • Learn how to calibrate parallel buses
  • 4 FREE sets of multitracks
  • 3 EXCLUSIVE BONUS videos

All The Tools You Need To Mix PRO Sounding Vocals EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Discover the turn key system that takes even home studio recorded vocals to literally what you hear on the radio today, basically on auto-pilot.