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DIY Home Studio Desktop Rack Mount



As a musician, having a home studio is crucial for recording and producing music. However, as we accumulate more and more audio gear, it can be a challenge to find space for everything in our home studio. That's where a DIY home studio desktop rack mount comes in. It's a perfect addition to your studio desk that allows you to keep your audio gear organized and within arm's reach. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to build a DIY home studio desktop rack mount and why it's an essential addition to your home studio.


Benefits of a Desktop Rack Mount

A desktop rack mount is a great way to keep your gear organized and easily accessible while maximizing your desk space. With a desktop rack mount, you can easily add or remove gear as needed and keep everything in one place. This not only saves you time but also ensures that your expensive equipment is safe and secure. Additionally, a desktop rack mount can help improve your workflow and creative process by allowing you to focus on your music rather than searching for gear or dealing with clutter.


Building Your Own Desktop Rack Mount

Building your own desktop rack mount is a simple and cost-effective solution for organizing your audio gear. All you need is a few basic tools and materials, such as a wooden board, screws, and some rack rails.

Click here to watch this build step by step.

First, decide how many racks you need to house the gear you want on your desk. Second, measure the width of the gear you wish to put on the rack (most all rack mount audio gear is 19in). Third, determine how tall you want your rack mount to be and add the appropriate amount of legs to the top of the rack mount (the number of legs is also determined by the number or rack spaces you want). Next, attach the rack rails to the leg boards using screws. Finally, mount your audio gear on the rack rails and place the rack mount on your desk.



In conclusion, a DIY home studio desktop rack mount is a simple and effective solution for organizing your audio gear and maximizing your desk space. By building your own desktop rack mount, you can save money and customize it to fit your specific needs. With a desktop rack mount, you can keep your gear organized, easily accessible, and safe while improving your workflow and creative process. So why not build one for yourself and take your home studio to the next level?

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