Guitar Panning Solutions: Mixing Technique


There's more to life than Left, Center, Right!


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Do you find guitar panning just a little confusing at times?

I know I do, especially when all you ever hear about is having only 3 panning choices - Left, Righ, and Center.

But, that’s not really true, is it?

I mean, if it were, a panning knob would be more of a switch with 3 settings instead of a full 180 degrees to choose from.


In this episode I’m going to show you my guitar panning techniques that give me more movement and clarity in my mixes.

This technique has made my mixes sound more musical and i know it will do the same for you!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why I came up with this panning technique
  • How it’s better than just panning LCR
  • How it compares to panning hard left and hard right

Hope you enjoy!


[0:00] - Intro

[0:22] - Overview of why I use this guitar panning technique

[2:50] - Guitar panning techniques

[9:20] - Guitar panning technique that will make your mixes sound clear and wide

[9:32] - Outro

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