You Can Leave Your Hats On...

Are you struggling to make your high hats sound natural and stand out in your drum mix? Look no further! In this post, we'll explore a cool mixing technique that can bring life into your high hats and enhance the overall drum sound. By following a simple 3-step process, you'll be able to achieve that desired clarity and presence in your high hats without compromising the balance of your drum mix.

Step 1: Finding the Unmasking EQ Point

The first step is to find the EQ point that will unmask the high hats from competing frequencies. High hats often get buried in the mix, making it difficult to hear their subtle nuances. By pinpointing the right EQ frequency range, you can bring out the shine and crispness of your high hats, allowing them to cut through the mix with ease.

Step 2: Implementing Compression

Once you've found the right EQ point, it's time to implement compression to further enhance the sound of your high hats. Simple compression techniques can help control the dynamics and ensure that the high hats sit perfectly in the mix. By applying just the right amount of compression, you hear a balanced and natural placement of the high hats that complements the overall drum mix. 

Step 3: EQ Enhancement

To add that final touch of brilliance to your high hats, boost a little high end shelf to fill out the natural sound that you've just unmasked. This will help achieve a polished and professional sound that will elevate your overall drum sound and compliment the rest of your stereo image.

With these three steps, you'll be amazed at how your high hats can transform your drum tracks. They will cut through the mix, adding that extra energy and excitement to your music. Say goodbye to buried or unnatural high hats and hello to a drum mix that shines with clarity and presence.

To see this technique in action, check out our YouTube video titled "Hat Trick: Unmasking High Hats for Incredible Drum Sound" here. In the video, I guide you through the process and provide additional tips to help you master this cool technique.

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