Is This Plugin Smarter Than You?

Take my money? Or run, run away!

Is this the plugin of the future, or just another marketing attempt to sell more of the same refurbished plugin?


In the past I have been a huge fan of iZotope’s Ozone. These plugins are so well designed and basically have the technology to “talk” to each other. I have Ozone's Maximizer and Tonal Balance on my mixing template for every session.


And then there’s the Assistant feature that basically listens to your your tracks and mixes it for you. Well, at least that is the goal. But, can a plugin really mix your entire song for you? Would you even want a plugin to do that instead of you?


Each year it seems iZotope is launching a new version of Ozone more frequently than ever before. Is that because it keeps getting better?


Let’s find out how smart this plugin has become and put it through the test of “mixing” completely raw audio tracks.


This episode’s key points:

  • Ozone 10 first look
  • What new features are included in Ozone 10
  • Can Ozone finally mix an entire song?




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