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Today is going to be a bit of a run through, on what you can expect from the Modern Mix podcast. What it is, what it’s not.

This is a place where we discuss mixing, mastering, and audio engineering. But it’s also a place where we’re going to talk about the reality in those topics. It’s not regulated by a self righteous facebook group admin, haha. No ma'am. 

This is a place for everyone to learn and share the common space.

I started The Modern Mix as sort of a response to all that misinformation and garbage that seems to just circulate in these social media groups and posts on Instagram and now TikTok. Just filling those platforms up with bad mixing/mastering advice, that only hurt those who are trying to find information to better their audio knowledge. 

I know I fell into some of that misinformation around a decade ago when youtube tutorials were new and everyone was trying to get a channel going, and really just offering up anything they heard along the way and turned that into a mixing tutorial.

Nowadays, it's a million times worst trying to sift through all the bad information and learn proper audio engineering techniques.

So now, I have launched the brand new The Modern Mix - PODCAST and I wanted to let you know first!

Join me weekly as I share tips, techniques, education, and all around music conversation. It's a podcast for anyone who is into home recording, mixing, mastering, music business, and making a career out of it!

In this episode you'll learn:

  • What The Modern Mix - PODCAST is all about
  • My thoughts on social media hounds and their bad information
  • How we can learn actual techniques to improve our audio engineering skills 

Hope you enjoy!

- Emily

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