Creating a Song from Start to Finish


1. Songwriting

Coming up with a song idea can be difficult sometimes. The last thing you want to do is spend time staring at a blank sheet of paper while trying to force inspiration to appear. 

Well, today we are going to remedy that writer's block with this little trick using Splice.

In this video I go over how I like to use Splice loops and samples to get inspired for song melodies and arrangements.  This process can really jump start your song creativity and set the mood for lyrics.

This process works well in any genre. 

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

2. Production & Arrangement

Your song's arrangement is just as important as the words you are singing. Lyrics need structure just like a book needs chapters. And these song chapters helps tell the song's story.

It's fun to play around and experiment but it is important not to drift too far from what the listener is used to feeling when hearing a song. And we have a few options to choose from. 

I don't play every instrument so I use a couple of programs that help me build a melody that I can then add guitars and other instruments to. 

Some of the software I like to use is EZ Drummer and Bass.

3. Recording

Now that you've got your song mapped out and basic production elements have been decided on, it is now time to start recording and adding in your final production elements.

This is probably the most exciting step in the entire process, at least for me it is. This is where your song is brought to life. It is also when you get to wear your engineering hat and capture the best possible sound and sonics of each of the instruments and vocals. 

The experience you create in the studio can also be great when working with other musicians. I'm always in awe of how talented these individuals are and how they play their instruments. 

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4. Mixing

Mixing is an art form just as songwriting and recording is. It is when we take all of our recorded tracks and blend them in a way that they sound the best and best tells the story and emotion of the song.

We achieve this by using tools such as Volume Faders, Pan Knobs, EQ, Compression,  Reverbs, Delays, and many other FXs. The goal is to unmask the recorded tracks so that so that they can all be heard through one stereo output track.

Mixing is many folks favorite step because it also includes special processing such as effects and automation. Mixing really elevates the listening experience.


5. Mastering

The final step in creating a commercial song is mastering. Mastering is when we take our song's stereo mix and add proper level and balance in order to achieve that polished sound we are used to hearing on commercial platforms such as radio and streaming.

This process can include EQ and Compression, but most importantly, it is when we set the proper level of the song so that it performs at its highest possible quality. There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to what level your song should be at for digital streaming platforms and I clear that up in this video. 

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